encircling the yin yang

each sphere in the collection by yoni alter and ivan dianov represents the yin and yang symbol and acts as a canvas for an ever-changing and dynamic depiction of the substance that surrounds and emanates from this foundational duality. the generative art collection's dynamic artworks can live entirely onchain, thanks to the light weight of the code. refresh this page to generate new spheres!

The Collection

The substance surrounding the yin and yang is portrayed as a constantly shifting and flowing energy that encapsulates the duality of existence. It embodies the core principles of yin and yang, such as balance, interdependence, and the cyclical nature of life.

The generative animations employs a blend of contrasting and complementary colors, textures, and patterns to illustrate the interconnected relationship between yin and yang. As the artwork progresses, one will witness the interplay of light and darkness, softness and hardness, and tranquility and chaos, all symbolizing the inherent dualities that underlie the universe.

By merging art, philosophy, and technology, this art project provides an experience that celebrates the fundamental harmony of opposites in our universe.

Each sphere utilizes a seed generated during inscription, forever defining the aesthetic and operational parameters. This seed serves as the immutable foundation, shaping the artwork's appearance, ensuring each creation is unique.

Yoni Alter

Alter is a multimedia artist exploring the threshold between art and design. His vibrantly coloured works segue between the figurative, the abstract, form, and space, always challenging viewers to look twice. Guided by experimentation and semiotics, Yoni passionately seeks new ways of creating visual representations, working across sculpture, painting, print, and digital media.

Alter's art can be found in various places such as art galleries and outdoors installations. His commercial collaborations include brands such as Hermes, Tate, MoMA and Karl Lagerfeld.

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Ivan Dianov

Dianov is a teacher of generative art at HSE University, founder of a generative art community Genclub.

He explores complexity by writing code. There are processes, such as climate change or the development of a human body, in which simple interactions of pieces lead to complex and unpredictable behaviour of the system as a whole.

Computer simulation allows us to handle complexity, tweak parameters and observe the surprising patterns that emerge. Ivan is obsessed with writing code and experimenting with multi-agent systems, cellular automata, and generative grammars.

He also uses bugs in his code to create artistic effects. The bug is a symbol of the complexity of the world and of the limited consciousness of a human being. Our world is made up of countless mistakes, layered on top of each other. Evolution is all about DNA replication error.

The whole world has gone wrong and will continue to move unpredictably. It is not to be resisted, it is to be enjoyed.

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